Поиск мероприятия


International Conferences organizes and holds presentations which allow to demonstrate advantages, goods and services of your company to partners, potential clients and mass media.

Main benefits of the presentation:

  • Presentation as an advertising means – an additional opportunity to convince clients
  • Presentation allows your client to get acquainted quickly and easily with your activity and services offered, get detailed information on goods and product characteristics
  • Visual perception of the presentation provides the most effective information perceiving about goods, services and activity of your company

A special form of a presentation of a company and its brands is concerts and receptions for mass market customers. City’s days, company’s anniversary concerts, closed VIP receptions with the participation of special guests and famous artists: every meeting needs thorough preparations.

Only a good event can create a positive image of a company or a trademark. International Conferences completes the whole complex of organizational and technical tasks – from an expert choice of a venue to work with participants.

We are ready:

  • to make up an unique and distinctive program of the event;
  • to attract participants, guests and sponsors of an event;
  • to choose an optimal venue;
  • to rent conference halls;
  • to prepare hand-outs;
  • to invite mass media representatives and special guests;
  • to provide PR support of an event (writing and mass sending of press-releases, work with journalists (before, during and after an event), mailing of final materials);

International Conferences cooperates with leading federal mass media, governmental and social structures and it is ready for any cooperation.

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