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As distinguished from a press briefing, at an independent site, a press tour is mostly carried out at the company’s territory and aims to demonstrate technological novelties, organization of the company’s operation, familiarization with the company’s activity and structure. In fact, a press tour is a specifically developed excursion program for mass media representatives. If you have something to demonstrate, to tell about and to provoke interest of journalists, the choice is clear: a press tour is an excellent opportunity to make a claim about yourself in mass media, establish new contacts with representatives of the “fourth estate”, provide more complete and updated information about your company at first hand. We are always ready to help you organize a high-quality and efficient meeting of this format. 

Our company provides all services related to the preparation and carrying out of a press-tour:

  • Cost estimating
  • Program development
  • Invitation of journalists
  • PR campaign
  • Technical support
  • Professional photo and video shooting
  • Speech writer services
  • Ordering of promotional items
  • Printing of catalogues, booklets, leaflets
  • Printing of badges
  • Venue decoration
  • Catering

Contact us to get detailed information on a press tour and we will answer all your questions. 

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